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I know, I know…, where are the fresh fishing reports?!
I have been on the water 6 out of 7 days a week for almost a month now.
I have been fishing like a mad man and I literally have had no time to update.
I will give a full report after 4/15 when my schedule slightly slows down. Unless they give us an extension on the lower Columbia River and then it will be right back to full tilt boogey!
Fishing is going very well right now.
Below are few pics of some of the beautiful hatchery winter run steelhead my boat has been catching.
I will send the full blood bath slideshow here in just a bit :-)

20140328-193036.jpg 20140328-193104.jpg 20140328-193124.jpg 20140328-193143.jpg 20140328-193158.jpg 20140328-193209.jpg 20140328-193223.jpg 20140328-193238.jpg

My next up and coming fishery will be Walleye and Bass combo trips over east on the Potholes Reservoir out of Mardon Resort. I will offer these trips from late April through May. I will have a full write up on this fishery in the near future. If your already interested get a hold of me and I will get you all lined up.
See you on the water and as always…, FishON!!!


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The rains have sure put a damper on fishing most Western Washington Salmon & Steelhead rivers this past week. Good news…, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The rains are predicted to wane and mild weather is to follow. Most westside rivers have been high and fishable for quite awhile now. I would expect a complete refill of bright, fresh winter run steelhead and early springer salmon, plus a bunch of down river, spawners.
There will be several options for Salmon & Steelhead once our coastal western, WA rivers start to recede. From The Mighty Columbia to the Olympic Peninsula streams, and Mid sized rivers like the Cowlitz and Lewis Rivers. You can even Head east to the Clearwater and Grande Ronde Rivers to catch fish after this high water. The upper sections of those two eastern rivers will be phenomenal.
Bring out your bigger, stinkier baits for your up and coming fishing trip. Find slow water seems and fish the foam line. Look for structure in that seem line and fish accordingly.

I have 3 open dates left for March 2014…, they are the 26,27,28.
If you want me to put you and your bait in numerous foam lines around a ton of structure give me a call :$)!
See ya on the water and FishON!

Here a few pics from this past week:

20140310-182055.jpg 20140310-182114.jpg 20140310-182154.jpg 20140310-182244.jpg 20140310-182257.jpg 20140310-182315.jpg 20140310-182332.jpg 20140310-183954.jpg

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The time to go snow skiing, or snorkeling fishing report. For the next few days at least :-)
As of right now most ALL Westside, WA Rivers are blown out :-( !!
On the bright side of things…, once your favorite Western Washington, coastal steelhead stream starts to recede it will be refilled with fresh, dime bright winter run steelhead!
While everyone seems to be talking about Springer season I’ve been catching winter run steelhead this whole time.
I will be offering both Coastal Stream, drift boat style trips (launching from private property) and Cowlitz River Jet Sled Steelhead trips in March. I will provide ALL fishing tackle, gear, equipment, and on board heater. Plus snacks, drink, and lunch. Pick your poison is the motto for March.
I am currently booked solid through February…, so If you would like in on one of these Steelhead fish catching adventures, get a hold of me before March is booked solid and your stuck wish’n you were fish’n!!
See ya on the water and FishON!

20140217-151411.jpg 20140217-151453.jpg 20140217-151521.jpg 20140217-151534.jpg 20140217-151545.jpg

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This past weeks weather brought a nice push of winter run steelhead into our coastal, western Washington, rivers and streams. It wasn’t much, but just enough. I am currently on stand by to start my next rain dance here in the very near future.

Side drifting eggs was the treat this week. I have been curing up fresh Steelie eggs in red Pautzke’s borax’o cure. Accompany those eggs with a mad river fish pill, or corky and your good to go. When the rivers rise and
color up side drifting becomes very effective. Covering lots & lots of water in search of pods of fresh fish swimming up the river is the mindset behind the method to the madness.

The word on the street, so far this winter run steelhead season has been lack luster at best for the majority of fishermen. If your tired of coming home empty handed and you would like to catch a winter run steelhead this season get a hold of me and I’ll row you into fish…, I can pretty much guarantee it. My boat has been experiencing GOOD fishing, so far in 2014. I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Here is my last currently open drift boat date in February: 25th
1-2 guys in the drift boat.
Take 10% off my advertised rates if you mention this write up.
Good through February :$)


20140131-202135.jpg 20140131-202149.jpg 20140131-202202.jpg 20140131-202219.jpg 20140131-202316.jpg 20140131-202334.jpg 20140131-202358.jpg 20140131-202421.jpg 20140131-202437.jpg 20140131-202613.jpg 20140131-203524.jpg

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Ever since our last river rise, fishing has been pretty darn good for winter run steelhead here in Western, WA.
The lack of rain gear and mild weather have been a big bonus!

I started the week side drifting, as my go to method. Fresh eggs, on a single hook, rigged through a bait loop. Then add a small corky in your favorite color, or a fish pill and you have a deadly combo for ocean bright Steelies. Fresh steelhead Eggs cured in Pautzke’s Borax O’ Fire did the trick for my crew. Throw that combo out into the river with a 982 fetha styx homewater rod and your in Hawg Heaven!

Once the waters started to lower & clear, I switched back over to bobber-dogging. The bobber helps when I’m trying to sit back and stay off the fish. The bobber also helps the angler to line up their presentation way above the hole and float the bait right into the holding water. This is extremely helpful in clearer water. More stealth…, equals more fish in this river situation.

Don’t forget about the old pink worm. That bait pretty much catches at least one fish per trip on my boat and it’s usually a Hawg!

If you would like to get out on the river for a great day catching winter run steelhead, then quit procrastinating & get a hold of me. My next open dates are in February for those who are looking to go on a guided fish catching adventure. You will be in a drift boat, on a scenic river byway, chasing coastal chrome. I will be offering these float trips into March.
FishON! and see you on the water :-)


Here but a few pics of the fish we caught this past week:

20140118-223028.jpg 20140118-223112.jpg 20140118-223137.jpg 20140122-192603.jpg 20140122-192627.jpg 20140122-192646.jpg 20140122-192742.jpg 20140122-192753.jpg 20140122-192901.jpg 20140122-193012.jpg 20140122-193046.jpg

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I just went on one last hunt before the Eastern, WA Pheasant season closed.
With My Dad and our great family friends Joe & Joey, we headed East. While most were waiting for their local river to rise and/or drop back into shape, “The A Team” was on the hunt :-)
Instead of sitting on the couch at home and watching pre-game NFL Playoff analysis…, I did my duty. When you own a hunting dog it’s your duty to hunt your dog. Our dog Marley did us well again this year. With the low bird counts this season a GOOD bird dog will pay big dividends. It seemed the wetter spring and those late September rains really hurt the Pheasant population this year. I hope for a dryer spring and no freak early, fall and late summer rain storms for next years hatchlings :-)

With very little standing cover around the birds were skittish and quite weary. Long shots were the norm on this hunt. With today’s much improved shotgun loads ie Kent, Federal, Remington in shot sizes #4-#6 (to name a few brands), birds fall consistently at long range.
We were able to scratch out a few limits of roosters, plus a few Hungarian Partridge during our hunt.

20140108-212351.jpg 20140108-212437.jpg 20140108-212950.jpg

Another key to our success was the fact we have acquired a bunch of private lands to hunt all over Eastern, WA, through all our years of hunting. The key there is ALL over. On sparse bird years you are your own worse enemy. By that I mean, you can’t keep on hunting the same fields over and over again and expect to be successful on a consistent basis. You basically must manage yourself and your hunting crew. Otherwise you will literally hunt out your grounds and create a serve downward spiral in your bird population. New birds can’t hatch without hold over birds.

I’m looking forward to next years shotgun season and I really can’t wait for the SEAHAWKS to start their playoff run.
!!!!GO HAWKS!!!!

If you want to come winter run steelhead fishing with me I have open dates starting in February. I will be fishing on WA State’s coastal river systems for trophy Steelhead. I still have yet to fill 1/15/14, which is this Wednesday. This will be primetime fishing date with the rain we just now received! Get a hold of me if you want go catch a bunch of Steelhead.

See ya on the river early this week, but
First I’ve got to get to Alpental for opening day this Sunday!!!

The season officially ends on January 12th for eastern, wa pheasants.


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The past week has been up and down on the fish catching front. No real rain and low, clear river conditions have made for challenging fish catching conditions. Persistency and river knowledge have been the key for our recent success.

I have been catching fish on both my jet sled & drift boat. Side drifting, pulling plugs, bait divers, drift fishing, & bobber dogging techniques have ALL put fish in the box this week. I am eagerly anticipating our next river rise. Until then I will continue to grind out fresh winter run steelhead by fishing a variety of tactics, techniques, and baits.
For your best chance at winter run steelhead right now, fish around the hatchery zones on your river of choice. Until we get a river rise expect fresh fish to be at a trickle pace at best. So target where the fish will eventually congregate.

If you would like to catch some coastal, western Washington, winter run steelhead get a hold of me. Unless I have cancelations my last open dates in January are the 15th & 29th, 2014.
Come on out and get your FishON!!!
See ya on the water :-)

20140103-210655.jpg 20140103-210806.jpg 20140103-211457.jpg

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It’s the Merry Christmas & Happy New Year winter run steelhead fishing report.


Locally here on The Snohomish River system we are experiencing good water conditions and they continue to improve daily. For your best chance at walking away with some winter run chrome try fishing Reiter Ponds on The Skykomish River, which are where the steelhead are reared and released in the largest numbers on the Sky River. Don’t forget to try the holes directly above and below the hatchery run, as well. In my opinion all you need to bring as far as fishing gear goes is a spoon rod, float and jig rod tipped with your stinky bait of choice, and/or a drift fishing set up with yarn, straight corky, or a corky and bait. Use a medium to light action rod between 9′-10′ in length (try a fetha styx 982 home water in spinning or casting) along with a 2500-3000 size spinning reel. Pack your reel with 10-12lb test monofilament. Now…, Pick your preferred method and go get ‘em !

Another good option is The Tokul Creek hatchery zone on the Snoqualmie River. Same advice as above on lure, gear and tactic selection. The Big Eddy is the main hole to fish here, but Tokul creek itself and the holes both up and down river from the hatchery are well worth a cast, or two. If your feeling daring and adventurous the holes between the falls and Tokul all will hold steelhead, as well.

If your willing to make the drive, The Bogachiel River hatchery zone is always worth the trip. Mother Nature dependent of course. The Hoh river also gets winter run hatchery steelhead this time of year. Plus, if you have a little bit of savvy there are many other rivers in the Forks, WA area to fish for winter run steel :-)

I am currently fishing the Snohomish, Cowlitz & Chehalis River systems to put my clients on fish from now through their respected closure dates. If your interested in fishing for a steelhead of a lifetime, the season is now! Grab one of my currently open January dates and you will not be disappointed. Those open Dates are January: 7-10, 20-23, 27-30.
FYI up until now I have not advertised my open dates, so get’ em while their hot :-)

Here are some pics from this last week of our fully guided fish catching adventures:

20131226-093806.jpg 20131226-093825.jpg 20131226-093838.jpg 20131226-093851.jpg

Quit wish’n & let’s go fish’n!!!!


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We just experienced some of the prolonged coldest weather here in Western Washington that I can remember.
Frozen everything was the theme the past few days. Propane heaters, hand warmers, hats, gloves and layers of clothing were the rule this past week.

When your hardcore you push forward. That’s exactly what me and my crew did. We caught multiple winter run steelhead everyday this past week. The key to our success…, Side drifting Yarn, eggs, prawns, and beads. All of which caught us fish. 10lb main line, 8lb leaders, size 2-4 hooks, on Fetha Styx light action spinning rods put fish in our fish box. When it’s this cold out remember to slow things down. Your quarry is cold just like you, so SLOW it down :)

According to the weather man we are headed back to “normal” temperatures and some rain. Once we roll out if this Arctic weather we will again experience another mood change in our winter run steelhead. So adjust accordingly.

Otherwise call me and I will adjust for you and put you on The Fish. I have only two open dates left for December 2013′s early winter run steelhead season. They are December 14th & 19th. Get a hold of me if you want to catch some Steelhead and hopefully learn a trick, or two while your at it. Not to worry about the cold. I do have a working heater on board that really helps keep the spirits up :-)
Plus I will prepare you a HOT BBQ lunch, as well. Hope to see you on the water and FishON!!

Here are a couple of pics from this past weeks guided adventures:

20131210-194921.jpg 20131210-195011.jpg 20131210-200123.jpg 20131210-200700.jpg 20131210-201931.jpg

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You know winter run steelhead have arrived in your favorite local river, when the air temps dip below freezing in November, here in Western Washington State. I have personally seen 5 winter run steelhead caught, so far this season. The proof is in the pudding…, Their Heeeeerrrre!!! Plus, I have trustworthy reports of many more caught from a few different river systems already :$)

With that stated, the winter run steelhead season is still young and we are at the very beginning of our winter run season. I know your itch’in to scratch off that winter run fix, so let’s get you out on the water.

When you come for a winter time steelhead adventure with me expect a first class experience. You will be stepping onto a Wooldridge Jet Sled, or Lavro drift boat, as your means of transportation for the day. I will provide ALL top of the line fishing gear & equipment, BBQ lunch, drinks, snacks, and a Heater on board. I will also filet and bag your catch at the end of your day. I like to say…,” Welcome to Daniels airlines…, sit back, relax and keep your tip up :-)
If your wondering where you would be fishing? We will be fishing The Cowlitz, Skykomish, & Snoqualmie Rivers for the December 2013 season. Water conditions depending, your preference, along with my on the water report will determine which river we fish on your chosen fishing date.

If this sounds good to you, don’t hesitate to call and book your fully guided fish catching adventure with me, today. If you want in on this December’s run of steelhead here are my last currently open December fishing dates:
10, 11,12, 16,17.

Here are a few pics from December to get your blood boiling:

20131122-132443.jpg 20131122-132501.jpg 20131122-132521.jpg 20131122-132531.jpg 20131122-132544.jpg 20131122-132558.jpg

Have a great Thanks Giving and I will see you on the water! I look forward to fishing with you :-)