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This summer season has had my guide service on the move, with Mother Nature throwing us a low water curveball. The media has advertised high water temps, fish kill, etc, etc. The truth of the matter is fishing has been VERY good this summer overall. 

We had a great sockeye season going until the “Dam Guys” decided to not spill water over the dams and half of the sockeye run died heading up the Columbia River. Very sad state of affairss, but the first two weeks of the season produced GOOD catches of Sockeye Salmon. Trolling coon shrimp with hoochies and coon shrimp was the ticket.             

 I just finished up my summer run steelhead side drifting season with a bang. The fish are still there it’s just time for me to move on. Use small yarnies, steelie beads, or small eggs clusters for your baits of choice. Use light leaders and don’t drive over your fish if you want to enjoy more FishON! success.           
  I have transitioned down to the lower Columbia to catch summer steelhead and fall chinook. The season is off to a good start with only good this to come in the very near future! I prefer to troll for my fish, but the HOG lines catch their fair share of the fish, as well. Get out there and a get your kids and family into some chrome before school starts again here in only a few weeks.  

Starting on Sunday you will find me chasing Pink Salmon locally here on The Snohomish River, pics a full report to come. 

See you on the water & FishON!!  


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  It’s officially summer, summer, summer time!!! From my point of view and this fishing reports point of view…, it’s been summer time for a while now! 

 All the free flowing rivers in WA State are at super low flows. It’s a drift boat show now, that’s for sure. Now our damned up rivers still have enough water for the motor boat guys. I’m very grateful for all our tail water fisheries here in WA State! I have been on the westside rivers of late and the fish catching conditions are tough for summer run steelhead fishermen on the free flowing streams, or creeks right now 🙁   It’s an early bird bite along with the late afternoon nibble. All the typical low water tricks are the way to go for these super spooky fish. Clear floats, tiny jigs, bits of shrimp, tiny button size offerings of fresh eggs, black spinners, beads, will all take summer fish in these conditions.  

  Turning  your fishing approach into that of a big game hunter will increase your success. Sneak up to your fishing hole. Be stealthy. Don’t wear bright clothing. Pay attention to shadows (especially yours). Make good, precise casts. Have high grade, light test, Flouro carbon fishing line and tie good knots. 
See you on the water & FishON!!    BONNERSOUTDOORJOURNAL.COM FYI

I have open dates for the up and coming 2015 pink salmon season. This run of fish is an every other year experience only here in WA State.  If your looking for a fish catching adventure only 5 to 35 minutes from down town Seattle, WA I’ve got the fishery for you…, Pink Salmon on The Snohomish and/or Green River systems. Both of these river systems will each receive close to a million pink salmon a piece this summer! This fishery is for the beginner to expert fishermen & women. Grab a date and I will hook you up, FishON GUARANTEED!!!

-Snohomish River System 

  • Pink Salmon  August 22-24, 26-31 September 3

Action packed FishON! Guaranteed Jet sled trips for 2-6 people


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I just finished up my spiny ray season over east on The Potholes Reservoir. This fishing was and still is amazing for both Bass & Walleye this 2015 season. Go troll worm harnesses and/or crankbaits in Crab Creek, or The Sand Dunes. The fish have started to key in on this years bait fish hatch. With the warm water temps the fish are aggressive and bitey.  I will let the below walleye slayfest pics speak for themselves on how good the fishing is and was. Don’t miss out on these trips with me next year, it’s $$$ fishing! 






For me and my personal style of fishing The Largemouth bass is where it’s at and this year the Bass have absolutely been on the attack. Big bass and plenty of them, as well. I prefer to find flats adjacent to deep water and then depending on the weather and time of day it’s your job to figure out where the fish are keyed into ie. up on the flat, off in the deep water edge waiting to move up, tight to the bush, etc.  The fish have been very patternable this season. 

Basically just get out there and go get some. Call Mardon Resort for lodging and your in good hands from their.

          I have now moved back to The Westside to catch summer run steelhead and springer salmon on The Skykomish River. If your looking to catch chrome bright fish only 35 minutes from downtown Seattle this is the trip for you & yours!  I have only June 17, 25, 30 and July 1, 6 currently open, as my last dates for this 2015 summer run season. Get a hold of me and let’s get you hooked up…, FishON!!

See you on the water! 


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It’s that time of year again. I will be switching over to my warm water fisheries for the next month, or so. 
We will be catching Walleye and/or Bass on these trips out of Mardon Resort on The Potholes Reservoir. 
Last year was incredible walleye fishing and this year is shaping up to be another fabulous spring season. 

  • These Potholes walleye are considered to be the best of the best when it comes to table fare. This is due to the cooler spring time water temperatures, which makes for fresh, firm, white meat that melts in your mouth.

My open dates are below:
Potholes reservoir, Walleye and/or Bass combo trips.
Currently open dates are:
  • May 7, 18-22
Jet sled trips 2-5 people 

Here are a few pics from last years catches:


Grab a date before your, too late! See you on the water and FishON!



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On the 2015 winter run steelhead front…, Life is GOOD!
And it’s been good all season.
I have been rowing my clients down small Olympic peninsula steelhead streams since the New Year.

Fishing with Light tackle, fair chase style, floating down scenic river byways has been my M.O. of late.

From Grand parents to grand children, expert to beginner and everyone in between has been catching STEELHEAD from my boat. Quit wish’n and lets get you Fish’n.

I have only 6 open dates left for my 2015 winter run steelhead season (April 30th is the closure date). If you want to come out and do some serious catching with me…, get a hold of me. Before your again, too late. Read more »


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I just returned home from Hell’s Canyon after finishing up my favorite side drifting fishery on the planet…, The Snake River for Summer Run Steelhead and Up River Bright Fall Chinook Salmon.
When I left Hell’s Canyon fishing was still going strong for steelhead and there was a late surge of fall chinook heading up the river. I had to leave because it was my time to say goodbye…, but I left GOOD fishing. Don’t hesitate to head over and get your piece of the action!

The River temperature is finally starting to drop, though it was still a warm 58 degrees on 10/30/14. The clarity is slightly tinted green with at least 3-4ft of visibility (which is perfect). The River is running steady at below normal flows, at roughly 15,000 cfs. As the water continues to drop, so will the aggressiveness of these fish. Take note of this and move your offerings to the slower water seems as the season progresses into winter time conditions. The season doesn’t close until April, so conditions will vary greatly from The September 1st opener through the April closure.

As for catching these super scrappy, upper river bound salmonoids…, Pulling plugs and back trolling bait were putting fish in the box. Hot lips, and bait divers backed with coon shrimp are the go to baits. This is a very popular technique with the locals.
All the while I continued to side drift bait and catch plenty of fish around the pluggers. I enjoy hunting my fish down by covering miles and miles of this majestic river…, Instead of waiting around, tree stand style and waiting for the fish to come to me. Although, both methods have their moments in the sun, side drifting on a day to day basis will out fish the pluggers earlier in the season. Once the water temp gets below 50 degrees plugging usually takes the cake.
If shore bound, Casting spinners is also deadly on this fishery. Mepps, Blue Foxes, & Panther Martins, or find Ray on Heller Bar and you can by the locally made spinners directly from him (hint, hint). This is my preferred method when bank fishing.
Another way you can cover tons of water without snagging up all the time is, by tossing the good old bobber set up. Bobber and jigs, tipped with coon shrimp are a local stand by here, as they say, “bobber down!!!”

If you’ve ever wanted to experience some of the greatest Steelhead & Salmon fishing the Northwest has to offer on a scenic, federal river byway, in outstanding early fall weather…, then don’t wait to grab a date with me for next year, as most groups have already rebooked for the 2015 season.
My season runs from late September through Halloween.

Here are some grip & grin shots of what we caught during The 2014 Snake River Slayfest:

IMG_0504.JPG IMG_0530.JPG IMG_0526.JPG IMG_0315.JPG IMG_0197.JPG IMG_0152.JPG IMG_0373.JPG IMG_0405.JPG IMG_0231.JPG IMG_0304.JPG

Here are some scenery & action shots:

IMG_0188.JPG IMG_0214.JPG IMG_0158.JPG IMG_0369.JPG IMG_0466.JPG IMG_0401.JPG IMG_0478.JPG IMG_0522.JPG IMG_0541.JPG IMG_0545.JPG IMG_0382.JPG IMG_0421.JPG

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My phone went for a swim a while back and this full time fishing guide, high tech red neck just finally got back online :-)!

Where to start.., first off I don’t have much for pics, as they are floating around in some iCloud somewhere.
But I do have first hand reports for a few different fisheries.

The Cowlitz is kicking out kings and steelhead for those dragging eggs on lower river. Be stealthy and DONT drive over the fish is the best advice I can give you.

The Snohomish system has seen its first shot of Coho for the 2014 season. Until this water rises again Sit back and cast spinners, plugs, and dick nites, or drift eggs to catch these notoriously fickle fish.

The Columbia River in general is THE place to be at press time. There are so many different fisheries and methods to catch fish on this river it’s ridiculous. Talk to the neighborhood tackle shops and politely ask the locals that are fishing whichever pool that you have decided to fish to acquire proper tackle and technique and then get out there and get some.

I am currently fishing 3 different fisheries due to my families work, sports and school schedule. Here one day and there the next is my motto. No staying to stick’em at the present.
Fish are being caught all over the state right now. Shoot hunting season has already started here in WA State. Soooooo many options.., what a great problem to have :-)!!!

If your looking to do some fish catching with me, my next open dates will be for winter run steelhead.
If you want to guarantee a date with me I have open trips/dates starting again November 30th through December 14th. We will be fishing for and catching winter run steelhead.

Until then…, enjoy this summertime, sunshine encore. If your looking to find me, look for H2O and your headed in the right direction and at the least you will have a chance to catch up with me. See you on the water & FishON!!!!

Here a few pics that survived my cell phone drowning from the past week and a half:

IMG_0007-0.JPG IMG_0008-0.JPG IMG_0003-0.JPG IMG_0018-0.JPG IMG_0016-0.JPG IMG_0011-1.JPG IMG_0010-1.JPG IMG_0012-1.JPG IMG_0006.JPG IMG_0005.JPG IMG_0019-0.JPG IMG_0020-0.JPG

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Wow and where did the time go!!!!!!
What a crazy fishing trip it’s been since my last update almost 2 months ago.
I have been guiding almost 7 days a week since June 1st. I have simply not had the time to sit down and write a quality report…., so here we go 🙂

I went from side drifting the most scenic and majestic urban river Seattle, WA has to offer within 35 minutes from downtown…, The Skykomish River. We had a changeling, but quite successful Springer & Summer Run Steelhead season. We put fish in box daily by tossing eggs, shrimp, and yarn balls at these SeaLiced, silver bullets. The season started out on fire and them it got TOUGH! But…, Persistence, good bait, and river knowledge won in the end.
Thank you to all of you whom came out to join me on these great Skykomish River adventures!
See you again next June.

20140723-214339-78219423.jpg 20140723-214340-78220418.jpg 20140723-214345-78225118.jpg 20140723-214341-78221303.jpg

I am now over on The Upper Columbia River catching Sockeye and King Salmon. This is a multiple location troll fishery out of Wenatchee, WA. I am fishing between Priest rapids and Chief Joe Dam. Timing and water release out of the Dams dictates our chosen fishing location for the day. We are currently experiencing great success on Sockeye Salmon along with some chinook in the mix. Now that August is nearing I will start to focus on Summer Chinook more & more. The fire season has tested me, but the boat never missed a trip. Through the scorching sun and the smoke the fishing has not skipped a beat.

Another week and I’m off to the Lower Columbia River chasing Up River Brights & Summer Run Steelhead.

Here are a few pics of what I’ve been up to of late:

20140723-215550-78950613.jpg 20140723-215549-78949684.jpg 20140723-215548-78948186.jpg 20140723-215551-78951882.jpg

See you on the water and FishON!!!

If you would like to go fishing with me…,
Hells Canyon, Snake River, Steelhead and King Salmon fishing adventures are what’s on tap.
My last open fish catching dates are: October 25,27-29 for 2014.
Personally…. This is my favorite fish catching office! Contact me if your interested in getting hooked up on this world class fishery.


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Not too much has changed since my last fish catching report, which is a good thing! Nice weather, good fishing conditions, and lots of FishON! action has been on the menu for a few weeks straight now.

My boat continues to hammer on the Walleye over in Eastern, WA. It’s been so productive I haven’t even, but barely bass fished my last few trips out (very strange for me ). Reason being, I’ve been bug-eye catching. Troll, troll, troll and just keep on trolling and you will catch walleye right now. I would grab a few dozen worms, my favorite worm harness, a few weights between 1/2oz and 2oz and GO fish either Moses Lake, Potholes Reservoir and/or Banks Lake right now for walleye. One Pro Pointer for the day.., make sure and pay attention to what your electronics are showing you. It’s your job to decipher and conquer. The fish just keep on biting on a daily basis and I see no end in sight. Maybe a few location tweaks here and there and you should be good to go. Otherwise call me and I’ll put you on limits of walleye.

Same goes for The Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass on all the above waterways. We just experienced another major spawn on the Eastside of the state. The bass can be caught in all modes of the pre-spawn, spawn, and post spawn cycles right now.
I have less than 2 weeks left chasing around spiny rays…, then I’m back out on The Westside Rivers chasing King Salmon and Summer Run Steelhead around from June 1st through Mid July on The Skykomish River.

If your looking to catch a bunch of fish between now and Fall I’ve got a bunch of fisheries on my plate between now and then. From The Upper & Lower Columbia, Eastside & Westside Lakes & Reservoirs, and The Mighty Snake River all in Pursuit of Summer Run Steelhead, Sockeye & King Salmon. I will get you hooked up…, GUARANTEED!!!
See you on the water & FishON!

Here are a few pics from this past week:

20140518-215407-78847917.jpg 20140518-215508-78908343.jpg 20140518-215504-78904554.jpg 20140518-215506-78906810.jpg 20140518-215505-78905701.jpg 20140518-215509-78909540.jpg 20140518-215510-78910910.jpg


20140518-220047-79247894.jpg 20140518-220049-79249214.jpg

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What a great past few days of fishing we had! Awesome weather, good friends, and family were all there to get in on the action with me. You truly couldn’t ask for any more success than what we experienced. In total…, my boat cleaned 50 plus walleye in two days and released over 75 bass the other two days. To say it was good, would be an understatement.

Bass were biting well. Soft plastics on, or adjacent to flats with cover was the pattern. If you’ve ever fished The Potholes reservoir there are literally thousands of acres of flats with cover on them to fish for these awesome largemouth bass. The water temp reached into the upper 60’s by mid afternoon in the shallow coves way back in the dunes. Which definitely turned the fish ON!
The smallmouth were also on the bite. Some fish had spawned, but it seemed like the majority had not quite spawned yet. Again, soft plastics fished around under water structure was the key to our success.

I managed to find a few walleye, as well 🙂 The Rod Meseburg Classic Walleye tourney was this weekend and I would imagine that it took a pretty big two day total weight to win this year.
From what I saw and did out there on the reservoir, there were three primary fishing methods consistently putting fish in the box.
Jigging with blade baits and/or plastic grubs (preferably in Chartreuse color) tipped with a night crawler was one method. Or simply trolling rapalas and/or crank baits at a pretty good rate of speed. Troll speed, some where between 1.5 to 2.5 miles per hour was the ticket. And of course…, the old stand by, a simple worm harness with your favorite spinner in the front and you were good to go. Primary fishing Depth varied from 12ft to 35ft of water, which had my boat using the 1oz to 2oz size bottom walkers.
I have a few open dates left for this incredible fishery between now and the end of the month if you simply want to come out and have a great day on the water catching fish, while being pampered first class fishing style with me :$)!

See you on The Water & FishON!!!

The below pics are from the past few days on the water:”>20140504-112913.jpg

20140504-112949.jpg 20140504-113002.jpg 20140504-113025.jpg 20140504-113041.jpg 20140504-113057.jpg 20140504-113134.jpg 20140504-113210.jpg 20140504-113221.jpg 20140504-113238.jpg 20140504-113308.jpg 20140504-113657.jpg 20140504-113714.jpg 20140504-113728.jpg 20140504-114000.jpg